"I needed to take my Clio in for an MOT. After going to a high street commercial garage, they quoted me a ridiculous fee, even made me fill a disclaimer form to leave the garage as they thought it was falling apart.

After taking my car to CD Motors, they were honest, polite and straight to the point and saved me a fortune. I would highly recommend this garage to anyone local."
- Jim Tuffnell

"Quick, efficient and professional. I would recommend to friends and family for a top notch job."
-Paul Smales

"My car needed brake pads and drums fitted. After a couple of hours I received the call to say it had all been done. Quick, efficient and very good valiue for money."
-Peter Reeds

"My car had been veering to the right for a long period of time. I was told the car needed realigning and needed front and back roller bars replacing.

My friend suggested I go to CD Motors for a second oppinion. Realised my tyres needed changing. Saved me a small fortune and they were very quick to get the job done."
-Linda Cartwright


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